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Food Toxicology, University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
This video is part of the assignment for the course Industry and Environmental Toxicology (EOH 4301). Let's learn about food toxicology.

UCSD School of Medicine: Medical Toxicology Fellowship (Part...
An inside look at the Medical Toxicology Fellowship. Interview with Dr. Richard Clark, Division Chief for Medical Toxicology. Video presented by the UCSD School of Medicine Emergency Medicine...

Short Circuit fire in Toxicology lab CEES,PU

Expert Insight - Jeff Zonderman - Accelerating Clinical Rese...
Excerpt of Jeff Zonderman interview talking about overview of innovative workflows for clinical research and forensic toxicology applications. Watch the complete interview at

Pacific BioLabs - A Toxicology and Microbiology CRO Providin...
Providing support for drug development, medical device biocompatibility, toxicology testing, preclinical and lot release testing for over 25 years.

How CLAM-2000 can revolutionize Toxicology analysis workflow Insights from cutting-edge Scientists & Researchers: University Hospital, Limoges, France Prof. Franck Saint-Marcoux Full Profressor of Toxicology University...

Toxicology: Water Quality - Global Institute for Water Secur...
Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan's Toxicology Centre discuss the centre's water quality modelling research that improves our understanding of the profile of sediments in our water...

Computational toxicology - Aleksander Mendyk (Jagellonian Un...
Computational toxicology -- in silico assessment of the hERG channel inhibition potential for the early drug cardiotoxicity testing ChemAxon European User Group Meeting 2011 Budapest, May...

Deadly Poisons and Children - Cyrus Rangan, Medical Toxicolo...
Medical Toxicologist, Cyrus Rangan, shares advice for parents on the signs and symptoms that their child has had an overdose of medication. He also explains that symptoms are not always immediate...

Environmental Toxicology
Explore Research at the University of Florida: UF environmental toxicologist Nancy Denslow researches how chemicals in water affect the health of animals and ultimately, people.

CAS Spotlight: Biology/Toxicology
Produced by JDM and hosted by JDM major Rebecca Ribley, in this episode of the CAS Spotlight we explore Ashland University's unique Toxicology major - one of the few undergraduate Toxicology...

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