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Research Opportunities in the Department of Chemistry
Academics and postgraduates talk about the wide range of research opportunities available in the Department of Chemistry. From working in green chemistry (, organic chemistry...

Chemistry class at Milby High School
Chemistry class, realize how the light colors of pH are fading to a more dark color, that's because the chemical gases are reacting right away even if it has not yet touched the actual substance.

Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University
At the heart of the College of Natural Sciences at Michigan State University, the Department of Chemistry works side by side with scientists across campus to focus on attacking a range of problems...

Dr. Charles Lee - Organic Materials Chemistry
Dr. Charles Lee presents an overview of his program - Organic Materials Chemistry - at the AFOSR 2012 Spring Review.

Perrine, Material Chemistry Engineer Perrine nous explique ses recherches sur les formules des matériaux pour améliorer les propriétés des pneus MICHELIN. En savoir plus :[Read More]

Professor Frank S. Bates, Dep. of Chemical Eng. and Material...
H.C. Ørsted Lecture, 13th of October 2016. Professor Frank S. Bates, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota Shortbio: Frank S. Bates is Regents...

What's My Property: Crash Course Kids #35.2
What exactly can we tell about an unknown substance by it's properties. We already know that a substance is matter that's made of one kind of atom or molecule, and that has specific properties...

Sorting materials to be recycled | Chemistry - Ultimate Brai...
Suitable for teaching 5 to 11s. It's time to sort rubbish into different material groups so it can be recycled. Subscribe for more Chemistry clips from BBC Teach on Thursday when we have...

Physical and Chemical Changes for Kids
Physical and Chemical Changes. In a physical change appearance or form changes, but substance remains same. Ice on melting converts to water. Water on evaporation converts to water vapor. All...

Polymer Materials Chemistry in the Hawker Group
A student in the group of Craig Hawker shows us a size exclusion chromatography instrument.

ENGLISH VERSION! 2010FBK ( Researchers and technologists, all experts in material science and in plasma physics and chemistry: it's the PAM-SE research group, part of the Fondazione...

The Chemistry of Materials
Science Retest.

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