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South Dakota State University Biochemistry Major
South Dakota State University offers Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry and biochemistry, a Master of Science degree in chemistry and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in chemistry or biochemistry...

MSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Recruit 2007
Become a part of an exciting chemistry and biochemistry research enterprise at Montana State University in the heart of Gallatin Valley.

Explore Chemistry & Biochemistry at Kent State University
Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Kent State University! Meet some of our faculty and current students as they describe our instructional and research community. ...

BSc courses: Biochemistry at The University of Manchester
Have you ever wondered about the basic chemistry of life? Biochemistry is the chemistry of the substances and processes occurring in living cells and tissues. This subject forms the basis of...

Organic Chemistry Video 26: Mismatch Of P-Orbitals Applicati...
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60 Seconds with: Jon Hibshman '12 - Biochemistry Research
Gettysburg College senior Jon Hibshman talks about what it's like to study biology and chemistry at Gettysburg. Explore academics at Gettysburg:

Discover Chemistry & Biochemistry at USciences
The chemical sciences touch virtually every aspect of the natural world. Over the course of four years, students in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at USciences are exposed to all...

Organic Chemistry Video #27: Mismatch Of P-Orbitals - Applic...
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Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology: Student Rese...
Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology: Synthesis of Alpha-Methyl Ketones by an Iridium-Catalyzed Cyclopropanol Ring-Opening Reaction by Andrew Steffens '10.

Biochemistry Major at Cal Lutheran Biochemists and molecular biologists study the chemistry of life. This includes the study of protein structure and function, metabolism,...

Biochemistry & Chemistry at SAU
Looking for a challenging, but rewarding college education? Want to study with professors who are dedicated to their students' success? Interested in working hands-on with the latest technologie...

Chemistry/Biochemistry Research Presentation 2014 - Marilena...
Chasing After Fast-propagating Phage: Effect of Gene II Mutations in M13 Bacteriophage The finely-tuned balance in the expression of an organism's genes leads to its successful survival. Genetic...

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