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Sam Chong, Lecturer, Materials Innovation Factory and Depart...
Sam talks about Advanced Materials research at the University of Liverpool and specifically about her own research into the development of efficient powder diffraction methods for accelerated...

Introduction to Chemistry 1 introduction
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Teaching material PGT 436E (Chemistry)
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Introductory Lecture for Materials Chemistry
A meandering discourse on how impressive biochemistry is and won't it be great when chemists can make things just as impressive with different chemistry.

I'm Dr Lindiwe Khotseng specialist in Advanced Materials Che...
In October 2013, Director of the ESKOM Centre for Electrocatalytic Research (ECER) at the South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry, or SAIAMC, Dr Lindiwe Khotseng, was names...

Materials science bridges the gap between physics, chemistry...
Professor Anthony West, Professor of Electroceramics and Solid State Chemistry at Sheffield, outlines why our materials science postgraduate taught courses help transition graduates from science...

2009 Materials/Chemistry Award finalist: Plaxica - Finalist for the Materials/Chemistry Award at the Academic Enterprise Awards Europe (ACES) 2009 Plaxica Imperial College London Biomass plastics ...

2009 Materials/Chemistry ACES Award Winner: Lamera - Winner of the Materials/Chemistry Award at the Academic Enterprise Awards Europe (ACES) 2009 In the Materials/Chemistry section, the prize went to Mattias...

Material Chemistry
all you need to know about the field of material chemistry.

MIF -Revolutionising materials chemistry
Professor Andy Cooper explains how the unique synergy of environment, equipment and expertise will enable the Materials Innovation Factory to revolutionise materials chemistry. Find out more...

Sustainable Chemical Transformations Labs
The Bernal Institute houses a wide range of state of the art research equipment and facilities that allow researchers from a broad range of expertise: mechanical, ...

Career In Material Chemistry or Sciences
Pakistan Career TV is an initiative of eduvision to inspire students and youth in education and helping them make an informed decision about their future.

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