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Applied Biotechnology or Pharmacology Online Postgraduate In...
University public channel Uploaded by: schoolb.

Pharmacology & Physiology Department Retreat 2016
Drexel University College of Medicine's Department of Pharmacology & Physiology held a two-day retreat where faculty had an opportunity to share their research, present educational initiatives...

Physiology and Pharmacology
Explore Physiology and Pharmacology in the BMSc program at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University. Learn about labs and courses from current students and gain a greater...

Pharmacology Scientific Research Symposium
Making Viruses to Attack Other Viruses by Mark Kay, M.D., Ph.D. Scientific Research Symposium - Department of Pharmacology (Part 4. Recorded in the Biomedical Research Building on May 11, 2007.

uwa pharmacology is good
Did you know that if you've completed first year biology and chemistry at UWA you can enrol in some great BSc pharmacology units? Check out the vid to see what it's all about...

How to use my Pharmacology Drug File in ProVoc
pharmacology course Cambridge Medical School 2nd year ProVoc download link: The website I am talking about is

sample research paper on pharmacology
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FHTI Interview with Dr. Lorraine Gudas, Chairman, Pharmacolo...
Interview with Dr. Lorraine Gudas, Chairman, Department of Pharmacology, Weill Cornell Medical College, at the Future of Health Technology Summit, Renata Bushko, FHTI - Secrets of Leadership....

Thorir Bjornsson - VP Early Devlopment & Clinical Pharmacolo...
Thorir joined Wyeth in 2001 from Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he had been Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology & Experimental Medicine. He is a graduate of University of Icelands Medical School....

Department of Pharmacology, Chiang Mai University
Transformation knowledge of traditional medicine and local plants to contemporary pharmacological researches” by Warangkana Arpornchayanon M.D., Dr. med. presented at the 9th Joint Seminar...

Mohammed - MSc Clinical Pharmacology
Mohamed Al Bakour, from Syria, describes his experience studying at the University of Aberdeen and why it's a great place to get your Masters degree in Clinical Pharmacology. For more information...

Student Profile: Cristina Martinez Gonzalez, Pharmacology
Cristina Martinez Gonzalez (DPhil Pharmacology)

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